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    I heard it was a good idea to put a photo of yourself on a portfolio website. I'm quite shy though!

Allow myself to introduce ... myself!


My name is David Wright, I live and work in Plymouth, Devon. I am a PHP developer with over 12 years web development experience. I mostly create bespoke ecommerce solutions.

In the past I have developed web solutions for clients such as Westward Bound and Devonport Highschool for Boys.

I have developed a range of bespoke websites from art galleries, various e-commerce sites, holiday homes and property companies.

I am currently employed by a local successful business machines distributor, ie they sell fax machines, shredders and printers.

I am also a keen novice/amateur photographer, as is everyone these days. However I do enjoy it and gives me a creative outlet from programming.

In an attempt to further my creativity I have also rediscovered creating electronic music. I am a 'metal-head' at heart but I still love old school electronica. I would like to add a music header to this page at some point.

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Me in a nutshell

  • David Wright
  • A PHP developer since forever.
  • Living in Plymouth, Devon
  • Not a designer.
  • A GNU/Linux user.
  • 98% Open source user.
  • An Android lover
  • Metal Head \m/
  • A wannabe photographer